Tim Clifton – Photographer

Photographer, Tim Clifton


Tim Clifton

Website: www.pbase.com/irisheyesphoto

Email: irisheyesphoto@comcast.net 253-951-6495

To increase my awareness and appreciation of the world around me, and stir emotion with my photography

I had a very brief introduction into photography in high school (way too many years ago). After approximately 12 years I took up underwater photography and was active until I quit diving. After encouragement of my wife Lesley, I bought a camera about 13 years ago and became serious about surface photography. My goal is to share my experience and views of the world around me, and to hopefully stir some emotion in the viewer.

I belong to the Tacoma Photographic Society, and have been fortunate to display images in the Puyallup Spring Fairs, Franke Tobey Jones Senior Art Shows, Proctor Art Fests, Arts of the Terrace, art show in Mountlake Terrace, and an individual show at The Evergreen Washelli Columbarium.

To view additional images please visit www.pbase.com/irisheyesphoto. Click on any image on the main page and it will open a gallery with additional images. I would love to hear any feedback and welcome any emails or calls

Tim Clifton